Saturday, November 5, 2011

Radio Times Logic

I don't normally do short blog posts but couldn't tweet this in 140 characters and it's something that is bugging me.

Spot the difference competition:-

Fact - older people are more likely to buy the Radio Times

Fact - Older people are more likely to die

Self evident fact - The Radio Times kills people

From the TES this week quoting OFSTED:-

Fact - 'Some schools have outstanding or good teaching'

Fact - 'Many of these schools have good or outstanding behaviour'

Self evident fact 'Therefore good teaching leads to good behaviour'

Quote from my 11 year old daughter:-

'If you behave you get exciting lessons, if you don't behave you get boring lessons'.

I'm working at what could be described as a challenging school. We failed OFSTED last year and were given notice to improve. OFSTED are due any day now. If we fail this inspection it's special measures. 

I moved to my current school 12 months ago to take up the post of ICT Subject Leader. Prior to this job I was half way through the AST process. I tried loads of new and engaging stuff in the classroom and thought I had it sussed. At my current school I've had 12 months of trying to engage students and found myself adapting my teaching to manage behaviour as the primary focus. I'm gradually trying to get back to the teaching I was delivering at my last school but it has been a massive struggle. Real life fact - you cannot deliver exciting, engaging lessons if student behaviour is poor. You close down lessons to minimise opportunities for disruption. Out of the window goes group work and interactive learning. In comes strictly controlled tasks and very directed teaching. I hated it but it was the only way to survive.

I am sick and tired of being told it's teachers' fault if students don't behave - we haven't prepared lessons well enough, entertained them sufficiently or jumped through enough hoops. I plan all my lessons, mark all the work promptly, give feedback as constructively as I can, constantly research and update my skills but if a student decides not to engage or to kick off there is little I can do about it other than follow my school's behaviour policy. 

Briefing this week from SLT re final OFSTED prep:-

'Remember it's not about how well you teach, it's about about how well students learn'

Final quote from my daughter:-

'So your whole career is on the line because of how children behave? God you are in trouble!'

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